Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kena jawab lagi..

"1)list 7 things that are in your purse
>>Identity card
>>Taekwondo card
>>My photo
2)list 7 things that are in your bedroom
>>Photo album
3)list 7 things that are in your school bag
>>Pencil case
>>Activity books
>>Exercise books
>>Colour pencils
>>Exam papers
4)list 7 things that you want to do but always being hindered
>>Call someone.
>>Chat with someone.
>>Write something that secret in the diary.
>>Type something that secret.
>>Tell the secret to a friend.
>>SMS with someone.
>>Speaking English with someone
5)list 7 thing that you are doing rite now.."
>>Answering the question
>>Listening the music
>>Thinking the answer
>>Chatting with my friend
>>Looking at the monitor

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